Sunday Best

Gorgeous girlfriends Lola Heart and Sata Jones are lounging on the bed, watching a film, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic lesbian movie "Sunday Best" begins. Sata gets distracted and starts to caress her sweetheart, grabbing her sexy ass, then sliding a hand between her thighs to stroke her through her clothes.

Decisive Moment

Cute brunette Kylie Green is getting dressed for work, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Decisive Moment" begins. She’s watched from the bed by Charlie Dean, who admires her walking around topless and can’t resist grabbing her.

Girls Love Sex - Lily Larimar

Cute Lily Larimar is the star of this opening episode of the new season of "Girls Love Sex." Interviewed by director Bo Llanberris and sexy redhead Elle Alexandra, the 23-year-old American blonde talks about being bisexual and how she loves to be touched.

Viewfinder Part 1

Photographer Tommy Cabrio is editing on his laptop when he spots his girlfriend Sofi Otis dressed in nothing but skimpy lingerie. As part one of Andrej Lupin’s erotic series "Viewfinder" begins, mischievous Tommy grabs his camera and starts snapping sneaky shots.

Right Here

Cute blonde Rika Fane is watching Jimmy Bud take a shower, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Right Here" begins. She joins him under the cascading water, her white shirt immediately turning transparent and clinging to her sexy body. Jimmy caresses Rika’s lovely breasts and strokes her pussy inside her drenched panties before peeling them off.

Think About Us

Voluptuous beauty Kira Queen and her cute blonde girlfriend Barbie Brill are filming themselves for their lover, as Andrej Lupin’s hot lesbian movie "Think About Us" begins. They want to be watched as they start to kiss and touch each other seductively, with busty Kira initially taking charge of her sweetheart.

Photo Shoot

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