Gorgeous brunette Amirah Adara prepares a treat for her girlfriend, as Sandra Shine’s erotic lesbian movie "Delicious" begins. She takes the sliced watermelon out to the patio, where sexy blonde Jayla De Angelis greets her with a delighted smile. As they share the sweet snack, naughty Amirah can’t resist squeezing juice over Jayla’s beautiful breasts and licking it off.

Hookah In Nature

Cute girlfriends Elina De Lion and Erika E are walking in the countryside. As Adel Morel’s erotic lesbian movie "Hookah In Nature" begins, they find a secluded spot to pitch their tent, then sit down to relax and enjoy their hookah pipe.

I Want Her

Cute brunette Baiba is lying on the bed in sexy lingerie, reading a book, as Tora Ness’ hot lesbian movie "I Want Her" begins. Her playful girlfriend Lisbet has a better idea for how to pass the time, snapping racy photos, then tossing the book aside and feeding Baiba cherries.

Loving Surprise

Stunning Sofi Vega sets a romantic mood with candles and rose petals, as Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie "Loving Surprise" begins. The beautiful Black model puts on sexy lingerie and waits on the bed for her girlfriend to arrive.

Photo Shoot

Eternal Desire – Escrito

Latest Movie Photo Shoot LIVE NOW FOR YOU Eternal...

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