Call It A Day

Gorgeous brunette Sonya Blaze is still busy with work when her girlfriend Ivy Rein arrives home. As Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie "Call It A Day" begins, the cute blonde has the perfect plan to capture her lover’s attention, stripping down to her underwear and running her hands over her slender body. When Sonya doesn’t respond to her flirtatious moves, Ivy changes into sexy lingerie, teasing until Sonya finally slams her laptop shut and leads her to the sofa.

Naughty Neighbors

Cute Alya Stark and sexy Shona River flirt every time they run into each other in their apartment building. As Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie "Naughty Neighbors" begins, their mutual attraction is evident, and when Shona spots Alya topless at the window, the playful brunette’s embarrassment soon gives way to seduction. Alya leads the glamorous blonde to her bedroom, kissing her eagerly, then lifting her shirt and sucking her stiff nipples.

Photo Shoot