June 2021 Fantasy Of The Month

Kiara Cole is the June 2021 fantasy of the month, and she is ready to live her dreams with her beau Mick Blue. Mick seems too good to be true, but Kiara is nervous and excited as she dolls herself up with makeup and lingerie to go to Mick's place for the first time. She's blown away by the house, but she tries not to get too carried away.

Part Of The Deal

Realtor Angelo Godshack has a great new apartment to show off to his client, Isabella De Laa. When his hot client arrives, Angelo knows he wants to do more than make a sale. He gets nice and close to Isabella as he shows her around, making sure to touch her every chance he gets. Isabella picks up on what Angelo is laying down, and it turns out that she likes what he has to offer on both levels.

June 2021 Fantasy Interview

Kiara Cole is the Nubile Films fantasy for June. She sits down for an interview where she talks about her turnons and secret kinks. She goes on to share some of her favorite moves when it comes to seducing a partner. From kisses to foreplay, Kiara holds nothing back when it comes to spilling her secrets. Kiara takes lots of time to share what she likes about vibrating. Toys, her fingers, she likes it all. If you want to know how to make this hottie orgasm, you'll have to stay tuned to learn more. When she's done winding us up with a preview of her hottest desires, Kiara invites you to join her for her film where she lives out her fantasy!