Sat. Oct 24th, 2020

Wet And Wild

Sexy brunette Lee Anne watches her cute girlfriend Emelie Crystal have fun in the pool, as Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie "Wet And Wild" begins. When pigtailed babe Emelie takes off her bikini top to sunbathe topless, Lee Anne can’t resist the urge to sneak up and splash her. She apologizes with a sweet kiss, caressing Emelie’s bare breasts and sucking her nipples until she’s giggling with pleasure. Lee Anne strokes Emelie through her drenched bikini panties, then peels them off and licks her shaved pussy, lapping at her puffy clit. Lying back on her pool float, Emelie gasps with pleasure as Lee Anne eats her skilfully. They move to the shallows as Emelie lavishes attention on Lee Anne’s beautiful breasts, then licks her pussy voraciously, giving her an intense orgasm.

Morning Glory

Cute brunette Sara Bell wakes beside her lover, as Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie "Morning Glory" begins. She’s ready to get up, but sexy blonde Blue Angel pulls her back to bed, where they cuddle and kiss tenderly. Blue strokes Sara gently through her panties, then bares her gorgeous breasts and sucks her nipples until she’s squirming with pleasure. She tugs Sara’s panties aside, teasing her clit delicately, stroking and licking to make her moan. Blue straddles Sara in a sixty-nine and they eat each other’s pussy eagerly, Blue thrusting two fingers deep inside Sara’s juicy slot and one in her tight asshole. She dismounts and pushes Sara onto her back, stripping her naked and fingering her ass as she licks her to an intense orgasm, before riding Sara’s pretty face to a mindblowing climax of her own.

Photo Shoot