Thu. Nov 26th, 2020

Above All

Gorgeous brunette Alysia Bounty is in a passionate embrace with Michael Fly, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Above All" begins. They kiss tenderly, Michael’s hands running over Alysia’s lingerie-clad body, removing her lace bra so he can caress her beautiful breasts. He kisses her diamond-hard nipples on his way down to her pussy, licking her through her panties before peeling them off and spreading her succulent lips with his tongue. When she’s dripping wet, he thrusts into her in missionary, his steady strokes making her gasp with arousal.

Remember When

Cute brunette Whitney Wright tells Quinton James they have something to celebrate. As Sal Genoa’s hot movie "Remember When" begins, they toast her new career opportunity, embracing tenderly. Quinton runs his hands over his sweetheart’s sexy body, kissing his way down over her beautiful breasts and peeling off her panties so he can eat her pussy. He uses his fingers and tongue to make her moan with pleasure, as he drives her to a breathless orgasm. Penetrating her in missionary, Quinton gazes into Whitney’s eyes as he fucks her, making her breasts jiggle with every vigorous stroke.

Photo Shoot