Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

Movies Update

Winter Warmth

Gorgeous blonde Chontelle brings in wood for the log-burner, ready for a cozy night in. The Canadian beauty strips down to her pretty white lingerie and cute socks, her body language flirtatious. Unhooking her bra, she caresses her lovely breasts, tan lines drawing attention to her perky nipples as her hands wander over her silky skin. She slides her sheer panties down over her sexy ass, parting her thighs to expose her smooth shaved, plump-lipped pussy, her green eyes shining with desire.

Ancient Shower

Stunning brunette Zelda B stands at an antique washstand beside the open door to the balcony, slipping off her shortie pajamas to reveal her flawless body. She moves seductively, swaying her sexy ass and teasing her nipples to stiff points. Cooling off in the city heat, the Russian temptress lets water trickle over her beautiful breasts and down to her shaved pussy, a pout of pleasure on her luscious lips. She lies in a patch of sunlight on the wooden floor, hands exploring with languid eroticism.

God Save the Queens

Stunning Kahlisa walks down the stairs in a strappy bikini that showcases her sensational body to perfection. The raven-haired Thai beauty cuts up some exotic fruit and strolls out to the pool to enjoy it. Moving seductively, she takes off her bikini top and caresses her gorgeous big breasts, making them jiggle as she squeezes them invitingly. She slides her panties down, exposing her hairy pussy and sexy ass. Her smile is irresistible as she sways her hips and runs her hands over her voluptuous curves, then jumps into the pool and emerges glistening wet.


Sexy brunette Tina Tiny brings in her laundry – a collection of skimpy panties and bikinis in jewel-bright colors. As she does her chores, her thigh-skimming skirt rides up to flash her panties each time she bends and stretches. She pauses to admire her reflection in the mirror she’s polishing, slipping off her top and caressing her perky breasts until her dark nipples are hard as diamonds. She sides her panties down over her sexy ass, legs spread wide for a close-up view of her shaved pussy. Perhaps she’ll finish the housework naked…

Photo shoot